stolen girlfriends club

not only is their name awesome, sgc's summer resort 2010/2011 is absolutely fantastic as well. the model is the perfect mix of lolita/preppy and the clothes are bathed in pastels, subtle tailoring and feminine outlines. this fashion brand hailing from new zealand is crafting a demure, sophisticated hipster look that might just take the rest of the world by storm.

^ love the mesh
^ i wish i could pull off pink jeans
^ love the mesh
^ channeling balerina chic
^ perfect sleeves

model: cece
{ images via FGR }

Love, M


  1. love those simple looks! thanks for stopping by! kiss!

  2. thanks for stopping by too! :) hope to see you again!

  3. omg i love!!!
    i want a pair of their shorts!!!

  4. I really like the pieces, they are simple and really nice :). The shoes are really ah-mazing! But, what i love most about it is the colour palette.

    Julz from hautejolie.blogspot.com

  5. thanks again julz! i love their color choices, so simple yet hard to find. love your blog!


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