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continuing with the asian theme, here's the 2011 spring/summer collection for the japanese label theatre products. i haven't heard of them before this, but their pieces look extremely wearable and feminine. what i would give to attend a tokyo fashion week and while i'm at it, drown myself in sashimi and takoyaki. continuant sur ma lancée asiatique, voici la collection printemps/été 2011 de la marque japonaise theatre products. je n'avais jamais les entendu parler d'eux, mais leurs pièces semble très faciles à porter et féminines. qu'est-ce que je ne donnerais pas pour etre à la tokyo fashion week et pendant que j'y suis, me gaver de sashimi et takoyaki.

theatre products s/s 2011
tokyo fashion week
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Love, M


  1. This is amazing... I love the hats. They're so cute for the summer... I like the red dress too :)

  2. This is so cute! I love the hair and the hats and the accessories!

    check me out!


  3. lovely collection! i want every piece!

  4. Cute collection! :)


  5. I'd love to follow you back! I'm obsessed with the semi animal print dress with the collar and bow, and the black umbrella!!!! how inspiring!

  6. hey, you have a very great photos in this post!
    the designer must be a very brilliant one!
    by the way, it would be fun if we could be friends in blog :)

  7. beautiful!


  8. trixie&fifi: thanks for the comment! i agree they have stunning hats

    paolina: thanks for visiting! will check out your blog now

    irina: me too :D

    janet: i agree!

    marella: i love it too

    kingaaaa: yes! love the flow and materials

    kallie: thank you for your sweet comment and for following! i've followed you back :)

    diaswari: thanks for the lovely comment : ) i'm visiting your blog now

    marloes: thanks!

  9. Those dresses are so fun! I really like the cupcake look.
    Following you now:)



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