thomas wylde

well-loved by the likes of heidi klum, jennifer lopez and sienna miller, thomas wylde, (in my mind) is a label that is synonymous with words like black and white, punk-chic and edgy. for their fall/winter collection designer/ex-model paula thomas continues that trend with a military theme that includes leathers, furs and wartime patterns. / apprécié par des celebrités comme heidi klum, jennifer lopez et ashley simpson, thomas wylde (à mon avis) est une marque synonyme de  blanc et noir, punk-chic et provoque. leur collection automne/hiver, par le créateur/ex-mannequin paula thomas reprend ce style avec une touche militaire fait de cuir, fourrure et motifs guerriers.

^ i'm so in love with this

 i can't find info about the photographer, stylist or model. if anyone knows, drop me a line

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  1. The first and 4th dresses are amazing!

  2. Yeah, I have to agree with you - the second picture is truly amazing!

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