topshop fall winter

i really wish that there was a topshop in france. their fall winter lookbook is everything a girl needs for the colder months and the outfits stands out with lace and leather combos, lots of fur and layers of knit. can't wait to hit london for boxing day shopping and hopefully some of these will still be on the rack. j'aimerais qu'il y ait des magasins topshops en france. leur lookbook automne/hiver a tout ce qu'une fille besoin pour les mois froids, et les tenues sont composées de mix de cuir et dentelle, fourrures et des couches de mailles. j'ai hâte d'aller à londres pour faire du shopping en fin d'année en esperant qu'il reste encore ces vetements en boutique.

^ so much love
^ cape love

Model: Melissa Tammerjin & Kirsi Pyrhonen
Photographer: Franck Sauvaire
Stylist: Katie Shillingford
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Love, M


  1. Oh, I totally felt in love with this collection...

  2. I do love Top Shop.

  3. I would like to see a Topshop open in Los Angeles.

    If we were to label this collection what would it be? Nordic-hippy-Goth?

  4. In Romania we don't even have H&M...uffff... Lovely picks.

  5. so inspiring ! i love topshop & was addicted while i was living in Spain


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  7. I love the shorts! specially the leather one, and the thighs are amazing! Just love the Topshop!

    K. Annet

  8. thanks for visiting my blog!

    I love these looks. My favorite is the top right!!
    xoxo, jaz

  9. i'm in love with all the legwear!!!

  10. What amazing styling! Loving all the sweaters.

    Alexandra xo


  11. I know! Wish a topshop would come here already! I usually have to wait till I head to London to shop to my hearts content. Love all these outfits!

  12. love that camel is so popular this year, I think it flatters everyone!


  13. Love it all. And I'd like to follow each other;)x

  14. I love this collection as well! I used to shop at Topshop all the time when I lived in Manchester but now - no Topshop in Atlanta :( Booo..... Good luck for Boxing Day!

  15. Topshop Porn! ;) Amazing clothes and styling!

  16. bog-bog: me too! thanks for visiting

    gypsy: same here!

    ms paradise: good analysis, i'd add a bit of hippe & punk in there too :)

    alma: really? i hope they have one soon :) thanks for the comment!

    anna: yes it's so addictive! affordable and super stylish. thanks for the comment

    nobodyknowsmarc: thanks for the follow! have followed you back :)

    annet: i agree, they're great!

    jasmine: thanks for visiting too

    olya: great tights! they have a very mcqueen feel to them

    alexandra: yes the stylist did a wonderful job!

    abi: where are you located? i wish i lived in the UK! i can only head to london once or twice a year :(

    smash: i normally wouldn't dare to wear camel but these outfits make it look so flattering

    elouise: thanks for the follow! will follow you right back :)

    verseastyle: thanks for the lovely comment! and i hope you get a topshop in atlanta soon :)

    electric feel: topshop porn lol! i totally agree :D

  17. I love the fact that you write in frech too! I adore the french language.
    Topshop had always had some of the most incredible collections and this winter there's no dissapointment.

    Julz from hautejolie.blogspot.com

  18. thank you julz! my french isn't perfect yet but this is a great way for me to practice so i'm glad other readers enjoy it too :)


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