i'm super excited for sunday, i'm taking part in a photoshoot (details and photos to come, i promise). having said that, i've realized that i've only ever posted feminine related fashion posts and have completely neglected to show some love to the boys. well here's a gorgeous editorial featuring him&her&him in my hopes to balance things out. je suis super contente pour ce dimanches, je vais participer à un shooting (détails et photos suivront, je promis). cela dit, j'ai realisé que j'ai posté exclusivement sur la mode féminine et j'ai completement oublié les garçons. pour me rattraper, voici un génial éditorial avec lui&elle&lui. 
Model: Fredrik Ferrier / Masha Rudenko / Julien Herrera
Photographer: Steve Gomillion & Dennis Leupold
Stylist: Mia Morgan
Blank Magazine Sept
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Love, M


  1. Gorgeous pictures, I love men with long hair (not longer than mine though)

  2. Where the hell can I get those black studded boots? Ga!

  3. gypsy: me too! i prefer wavy hair to crewcuts

    pull your socks up: i know they're amazing!!

    irina: thanks!

    marella: thanks :)

    eden: thanks for the comment

    heels lover: thank you!

    catita: thanks

    sienna: thanks for visiting

  4. Love this post!



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