lanvin x h&m: the haul

hey lovelies, sorry for the suspense! as promised, here are the details of my surprisingly pleasant experience of the lanvin loves h&m launch (compared to let's say, the complete fiasco that was last year's jimmy choo at plaza passy) and photos of my haul.

6.30 - woke up, groggily got ready/dressed/out the door
7.00 - arrived at the h&m at rue de rennes in paris, a little dishearted that there were already so many people there
7.15 - what's this? free coffee & croissants! the staffers were passing out breakfast which made standing in the cold so much more bearable
7.30 - the distribution of the magical bracelets! me and my friend were lucky enough to get the last bracelets of the 3rd group
8.05 - line starts moving!!
8.30 - given access inside the h&m but still had to wait outside the ''lanvin specific'' area.
8.45 - our turn to shop! staff were AMAZING, continuously restocking of the shelves/racks not to mention they would fetch the right size for your if you asked with a smile on their face
9.00 - ushered to the cashier, took a bit long but the free scarf and tote bag made it worth the wait
9.30 - exited h&m with my two bags, still a long line outside the shop with people eager to get in
10.00 - arrived home tired but happy 

so in a nutshell, the whole thing took less than 4 hours, managed to get all the things i wanted and the h&m staff really made it a great experience. and lastly, here are the photos of my haul: 2 dresses, 2 tees, 1 blazer, 1 pair of heels and a 2 shopping bags. didn't grab the red necklace/earrings since i wouldn't actually wear them and i'm still not sure if i'm going to keep everything i bought but i'm happy i could get them all (and in my size too)!


coucou à tous! pardon pour le suspense! comme promis, voici en détails mon expérience lanvin chez h&m qui a été plus plaisante que prévu (comparé à l'enfer de jimmy choo l'année dernière à plaza passy) ainsi que des photos.

6.30 - réveil, habillage, sortie dans le coton
7.00 - arrivée au h&m rue de rennes à paris, un peu déçue car il y avait déjà beaucoup de monde
7.15 - qu'est ce que c'est? cafés et croissants gratuits! le staff distribuait un petit dej rendant l'attente dans le froid beaucoup plus agréable
7.30 - la distribution des bracelets magiques! mon amie et moi avons eu la chance d'avoir eu les derniers bracelets du troisième groupe.
8.05 - la queue commence à avancer!!
8.30 - entrée dans le magasin mais il a fallu encore attendre devant la ''zone lanvin'' 
8.45 - enfin, c'est notre tour! le staff était SUPER, toujours en train de restocker, ils nous ont chercher les tailles qu'on voulait avec un sourire
9.00 - nous sommes dirigés vers la caisse, ça a pris un peu de temps mais l'echarpe et le tote gratuit ont vallent la peine
9.30 - sortie du magasin avec mes 2 sacs, il y a toujours beaucoup de monde qui attend d'entrer.
10.00- bien rentrée chez moi, fatiguée mais contente 

donc pour résumer, en tout ça a pris moins de 4 heures, j'ai réussi à avoir tous ce que je voulais et le staff de h&m était super. en enfin, voici les photos de mon gros shopping: 2 robes, 2 t-shirts, 1 blazer, 1 paire de talons et 2 sacs. je n'ai pas pris le collier rouge ni les boucles d'oreilles car je ne les porterai jamais et je ne suis pas sûre de garder tous ce que j'ai acheté, mais je suis contente d'avoir pu les acheter (et tout dans ma taille en plus)!

^ the whole enchilada
^ amazing details
^ i love you too, lanvin

anyone else brave the early morning for the launch?
leave me a link to your post! would love to see what you got/hear your experience of the day :)


  1. Looks like you made out really well - I'm so jealous (I haven't it to an H&M yet!).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. LOVELY pictures, thanks for sharing. Glad you had a pleasurable experience. It's amazing you were able to get everything you wanted in your exact size!



  3. seems like everyone has lanvin-h&m fever.
    nice shoes!


  4. Ah love your lot of purchases. I got the same tees, one of the evening bags and other bits, I have a post on it over on my blog. I would have loved the shoes but couldn't afford everything. I passed on the jewellery too.
    HEART both dresses - absolutely fab!
    xxx Comtesse xxx

  5. good shopping... althought I don't really like that coleccion... just one dress!


  6. awwww
    I love those heels you baught
    H&M is so incredible<3

  7. How great for you that you managed to get everything you wanted!

    xx Marije

  8. Cool post. I got the same tees and also that bag. Love this collection!!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. wooow! Love your picks! We got the same dress and one of the tees as well (3 faces). The black dress is stunning too and those shoes are so pretty but I wasn't sure about the print...I saw them on the vitrine of the HM in Berlin the day before. I love the bow thought! I got the leopard ones and I am still waiting for my box to arrive...online shopping within the first 2 minutes the collection went on sale, pretty lucky!

  10. Great pictures! that yellow dress is AMAZING!!


  11. great purchase babe!!!!

    KISSES julia


  12. What a gorgeous purchase! You seriously made out well. I ADORE those shoes!!! Thanks so much for commenting my blog. Yours is lovely and I am following you now:) xx Marisa

  13. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, yours is lovely and I'm going to follow you, follow me back?? I'm so jealous of all your Lanvin stuff =D The H&Ms near me didn't stock any Lanvin, the nearest one stocking it is about 3 hours train journey from where I live =( Those shoes are so so pretty though =D

  14. Great picks! I wasn't brave enough to go, but it sounds like you had a great experience.

  15. Wow, you did some damage at H&M! Looks like you were able to pick up everything you wanted.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'll be following you through bloglovin'!


  16. J'adore tes achats !! Pas de H&M au Maroc... ce qui est vraiment dommage !

    Kisses from Morocco !

    www.safiaa.com Follow me if you love my blog !


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