photoshoot behind the scenes: part one

i mentioned a couple of weeks ago that i was taking part in a fashion editorial shoot (and my very first one at that). it's for the november issue of fiasco magazine and i was lucky enough to be the assistant stylist for the shoot. the theme of the shoot was 'the dreamers', inspired by the movie by bertolucci. we shot at a  magically beautiful country house on the outskirts of paris. it's taken me a long time to get the photos all sorted and edited but finally, here they are. i hope you will forgive the quality, i only had my little compact with me on that day. j'ai parlé il y a quelques semaines que j'allais faire partie d'un shooting de mode (et en plus c'était ma première fois). c'est pour le numéro de novembre de fiasco magazine et j'avais la chance d'être l'assistante styliste. le thème du shoot était the dreamers' inspiré du film de bertolucci. on a fait le shooting dans une magnifique maison de campagne en dehors de paris. ça m'a pris un peu de temps pour organiser et éditer les photos mais enfin, voilà. j'espère que vous me pardonnerez au niveau de la qualité, j'avais seulement mon petit compact sur moi ce jour-là. 

 ^ part of the beautiful location
^ some of the mad accessories we used including pieces from vivienne westwood, and-i, natalia brilli & qasimi
^ the most gorgeous wedges from alain quilici. definitely want.
^ early morning makeup & hair
^ ben (stylist) & anthony (photographer) going over the day's schedule
^ ben organizing the clothes for the shoot
^ getting dejan ready for his solo shot
^ dejan wearing an awesome headpiece from christopher coppen
^ first shoot of the day
^ gry being fitted with a dress by jean paul gaultier and a gorgeous fur stole by alexandre vauthier
^ gry wearing an amazing dress by qasimi. it's gorgeous, but it was super heavy too
^ perfect match. that dress with these gorgeous gloves from vivienne westwood

ps: part two coming up! and a huge thank you to all of you for lovely comments on the last post :)

behind the scenes: fiasco magazine november 2010
{ photos via me }

Love, M


  1. I need to hear more about HOW you got this job!!!! It looks like a dream.


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  3. i like your photos! whenever i look at backstage photos online they don't have any feelings to them apart from the fact that everyone's super cool and super busy... but yours have an atmosphere. and that's what is real.

  4. I'm your follower too! thank you for your comment! I really looove that dress!!!!xx

    z's closet

  5. love the girls dress


  6. oh my gosh! this is like my dream job! <3 the pictures are great


  7. Second picture made me MAD! I love studs and metal accessories!

  8. Ofcourse we should follow each other.
    Your blog is great! The accessories on this post are just dreaming... One day I would love to have a fashion photo-shot!


  9. The lighting in the first shot, is beautiful!

  10. Wow - how cool and congratulations! I love looking at behind the scenes photos ...


  11. Oh, wow! What beautiful garments and scenery! I can't wait to see the images from the shoot :)

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  12. that dress is stunning!


  13. how exciting! love all the behind-the-scene photos.
    my life in style

  14. nice post! and the accecories are so cool!


  15. great pictures! thanks for sharing with us!

  16. Hey! THank you SO much for stopping by my blog AND of course I would love to follow/bloglove! I am signing up on google and bloglovin for yours!
    I style shoots for my photographer who does my photos and I love it!
    Did you have a wonderful time!!??


  17. Oh my god, all these images are just incredible!! I love the shot of all the accessories!


  18. that headpiece is epic! it's sooooo haute couture!

  19. Amazing photo's, and love love love them wedges.


  20. Amazing photos!


  21. Wow! I love this photos so much!


  22. I love the shoes on pic 3.
    Great that you got a opportunity for a job like this :) Looks like an interesting job!

  23. Thanks for your lovely comment ;)


  24. That dress is amazing.
    And I like your blog very much :)

  25. ohh what a cool post!!
    I love the qasimi dress!!


  26. erica: thanks for the comment! in my case i just kind of came across it :) good luck and keep your eyes open for opportunities

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    my shoes please: me too! they were so gorgeous all of them

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    lady lipstick: thanks for your lovely comment! and i've followed you back as well :) i had a great time and it was very fun and educational too

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    wynne: yes it was! the whole shoot was pretty haute couture :)

    akm: thank you! i adore them too

    agitarsi: thanks!

    vicissi: thank you and thanks always for your comments :)

    marella: i agree!

    lara: thank you! it's a high stress job but also very fulfilling :) good luck to you too if you're looking for something like this.

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    sarah: thank you :) indeed it is gorgeous!

  27. great pictures! so cool you got to be part of it, wish you plenty more photoshoots!

  28. I recently discovered your blog! It's a great read! love your pictures and posts! Your style is great! Im a fan:)
    this dress is amazing by the way!

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  29. these pictures/styling are AHHMAZING! loveee everything about it and your blog! that dess is beyond!

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  31. Oh, so beautiful.... thanks for sharing:)))))



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  34. wow! cool pictures!


  35. Love that first pic! That seems like such a fun, creative job. I'd love to be a part of something like that.

    PS- That hairpiece is ridiculous! :)


  36. How cool is this? I really love the outfits and photos. Thanks for sharing.

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  39. i wish i was there! love the photo you posted! gives us an insight of what takes place at a photoshoot :)

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  41. Congratulations! The headpiece is EPIC. And those Vivienne Westwood gloves are hot too. The clothes look amazing. Can't wait for part 2! xxx


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