etro's elegance

veronica etro's latest fall/winter collection for 2011 showcases some of her traditional gorgeous patterns with an added elegance through draping layers and fuzzy furs. continuing a current trend of the masculine-cut slacks and furry sleeves, she adds a bit of shine and sheer to her fabrics. you could almost see hints of indian,  mexican, scottish and nepalese influences in her pieces, giving an organic and worldly feel and paying homage to the treasures of ancient civilizations. / la dernière collection automne/hiver de veronica etro de 2011 montre ses motifs superbes traditionnels avec l'élégance en plus dans les couches drapées et des fourrures fuzzy. en repenant la mode des pantalons masculins et des manches à fourrure, elle ajoute du brillant et transparent. on devine des influences l'indiennes, mexicaines, écossaises et népalaises dans ses pièces, leur donnant un feeling organique and ''world'', en hommage aux trésors des anciennes civilisations.

^ i need this in my life
^ bright colored pants continue their reign
^ shaggy gorgeousness
^ amazing

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  3. this is stunning! i love the colors and different prints and textures.

  4. oh! amazing pictures/collections
    love the colors and the prints.

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