paul smith's boyfriend trend

paul smith takes the boyfriend trend up a notch with his autumn/winter 2011 collection. doing what he does best, paul dresses women the way he would dress his men, albeit with some feminine flair included. the collection includes boyish blazers, oversized coats and and rolled up mens-style slacks - all in flattering tones and styles for women. the casual and modern look of these pieces exude a certain confidence, perhaps of a girlfriend/wife who doesn't mind rummaging through her boyfriend/husband's side of the closet and still come out looking good. / paul smith passe la mode boyfriend au niveau supérieur avec sa collection automne/hiver 2011. en faisant ce qu'il fait le mieux, paul habille les femmes comme il habillerait ses hommes, bien qu'avec une touche féminine en plus. la collection est faite de blazers "mecs", des mantaux larges et pantalons d'hommes enroulés - tout ça dans des couleurs et styles pour femmes. le look casual et moderne de ces pièces dégage une ceraine confiance, peut-être celle d'une copine/femme que ça ne dérange pas de fouiller dans le placard de son copain/mari et en ressortir superbe.

^ harry potter/ absent-minded professor chic
^ if i ever saw someone wearing this i'm immediately girlcrush them
^ i love this

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Love, M


  1. i love his use of pink in everything! and the hairstyle in the second photo. the blazer in the last photo is really cool, too!

  2. Amazing collection!! very practical and trendy.

  3. ya im following now (; youve got great taste with this post. i love menswear translated for a women. i wish i could pull it off as strongly as these lovely girls.

  4. lovin this paul smith collection

    modern day annie hall with an injection of british cool

  5. hey thanks for the com on my blog !!
    I love the collection paul smith !! this kind of boyish loose style !! with the jeans is so good !!


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