sortir le soir

i had the chance to attend the perfume launch of the fabulous fashion icon, Susan Tabak monday evening. her new fragrance, "Sortir le Soir" is in collaboration with the parisian perfumerie, Quintessence. the fragrance - crafted by perfumer Françoise Caron - was a lovely blend of gardenia-inspired white floral, with subtle hints of green forming a delicate, feminine fragrance perfect for those nights on the town. a lovely event with an impeccably-dressed crowd, an elegant fragrance and a lovely venue that i would definitely recommend for their vast selection of beautifully scented candles. / j'ai eu l'occasion d'être au lancement du parfum de la fabuleuse icône de mode Susan Tabak hier soir. son nouveau parfum, ''Sortir le Soir'' est une collaboration avec la parfumerie parisienne Quintessence. le parfum - crée par la parfumeuse Françoise Caron - est inspiré de gardenia, avec un soupçon de vert, formant un parfum délicat et féminin parfait pour les soirées en ville. un évènement charmant, avec un public parfaitement habillé, un parfum élégant et un lieu charmant que je recommande pour leur large choix  de bougies parfumées.

Love, M


  1. awh that shoes and the dress >.< makes me drool
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  2. fabulous photos!! What a fun event, I wish I could smell those scents! I am loving that shoes and that jacket. Hot.

  3. lovely photos as always:)
    I just love the one with the hunk that wears RayBan's

  4. I love your photos! The snake cuff is amazing as are the shoes.

  5. Would love to know the smell of the perfume....Many nice details in this post, like the snake bracelet...


  6. That seems like such a cool event! Everybody looks so chic. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. What a well-dressed crowd! I love the color-blocked sandals.

  8. Such a fabolous picks and post!, you have a great blog as well!, thanks for your comment, i am to busy with my shop at the moment, sorry for my late answer.

    Kisses from Spain!



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